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Terms and conditions

Traditional full body Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments include massaging the back, neck, shoulders, legs and gluteal muscles, abdomen, chest (not breast area for women, unless this is requested), head and face. In remedial treatments (where we work on a part of the body that is tense or injured) we might spend more time in some parts of the body, and miss out other parts.

If there are any other parts of your body that are sensitive to touch, or that you would prefer not to have massaged (e.g. your abdomen), please inform your therapist. AYM can help you feel more comfortable in your body, and often clients will feel more comfortable having all parts of their body massaged after a number of treatments. But this is not a process to be forced, and your therapist will most certainly not encourage you to receive anything that you are not comfortable with. Your boundaries will be respected at all times, and your therapist will encourage you to tell them if any part of the treatment is uncomfortable or unpleasant for you. Saying that, if you are ready to receive a fairly challenging treatment, where we work on long-term held tension in a way that is comfortable for you, that is also entirely possible. The intensity of the treatment is entirely up to you, and how you feel on the day.

Clients need to be respectful at all times. If you are not prepared to respect your therapist’s professional boundaries please do not make a booking with us. Any illegal solicitation and that sort of behaviour will be reported to the police by default.

Clients are required to wear comfortable underwear during their treatments, and accept that any parts of the body that are not being massaged will be covered with sheets.

By booking this treatment you consent to receive an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatment. You agree to undergo this treatment at your own risk. You have been informed of the nature and purpose of the treatment. You understand that any information that you share with us as part of your consultation and treatment will be kept confidential.

Requests for Appointment Changes

Remember that our time together is sacred and requests for changes to treatment times should be made on an exceptional basis only. Please think carefully about making requests for appointment changes. You have made a commitment to yourself to show up for this treatment.
If you do need to rearrange an appointment please do so as soon as possible: I ask for at least 3 days’ notice in order to rearrange a date. My time is valuable, as is yours. I honour being reliable and 100% present for you and I ask in return that you make the effort to be very well organised. For a request made with more than 3 days’ notice, I will always do my very best to reschedule you to a convenient time.
Please email me to inform me if you need to rearrange.


I do not accept cancellations, but will reschedule to a mutually convenient date if the request is made at least 3 days in advance. In case of illness or major events, you can ask for a refund of 50% if notified within 3 days of the appointment. You are of course welcome to offer the place to someone else or recommend someone to take that slot at short notice, in which case I will reschedule your appointment at no cost.

No Shows

If you do not show up for an appointment you will forfeit the treatment with no refund. If you are late I will try to accommodate the massage, but be aware that I might have other clients or other commitments and I do need some time to set the space after your treatment is concluded, so it might be of shorter duration.