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Restorative Yoga and Private Classes

Deep Rest Workshops

Join a Deep Rest, restorative yoga, workshop to reset your nervous system and release the accumulated stress. Dedicate one hour and a half to yourself, connect with your breathing and rediscover the pleasure of wonderful sleeps.

Private Yoga Classes

If you are interested in a 1-to-1 yoga class, whether to work on specific asanas in your ashtanga practice, or to create a tailored restorative sequence contact me below to discuss your requirements.

Yoga & Herbs
for Mental Health

Learn how herbalism and yoga can support you in your daily life. We will focus on four key ailments: burnout, insomnia, depression
and anxiety. We will learn about the key herbs to help with each of these conditions and you will create your own bespoke herbal teas to bring home. We will practice breathwork techniques and finish with a restorative yoga class to reset the nervous system and bring awareness to the body signals to prevent and manage difficult times. You can come to any of the workshops or book them all with a discount.
In collaboration with clinical herbalist Maddy Taylor of Hawthorn Health