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Massage, Yoga, Restore

Ayurvedic Yoga Massages, Deep Rest Yoga workshops, 1-to-1 yoga classes.
Give your body the treat it deserves, calm the nervous system, release stress and tension for more energetic days and more restful nights.
Book your class/massage or contact Davide at for a tailored treatment plan.

About me

Davide is a BWY yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist

For me, yoga is a path for a better life. Whether with an energetic class, a restorative one or with a massage, all works to reconnect with your own body and live life with a full presence.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

If you love yoga, you will love Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Floor based massage, using oils and calamus powder, pressure, tractions and mobilizations, to release tension and resolve those niggles and pains that limit you in your daily life.

Deep Rest workshops

These monthly restorative yoga workshops will help you sleep better, release accumulated tension and reconnect with your own body. On Sundays at the Calderdale Yoga Centre in Hebden Bridge, 5-6.30 pm.

Next dates:

26th May 24

1st Sept 24
29th Sept 24
27th Oct 24
8th Dec 24


What my clients say

I have been feeling so much better in my body after the massage! It really made a difference. Thank you!


Thank you for all the thought and energy you put into my massage. Today I have felt much more energised, relaxed and calm.


Davide’s restorative yoga class is a rare opportunity to rest. He gives you permission to let go as he guides you through supported poses that encourage deep relaxation – it’s a monthly tonic for my body and mind.