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Yoga & Herbs for Mental Health

Extraordinary tools for your wellbeing

Our Offering

Throughout the history, humanity had to manage stress, trauma and difficulties, but in the modern society with constant stimuli, deadlines and connectivity, there is often not enough time to rest, process and recover. I am offering a series of four workshops with Maddy from Hawthorn Health and Well-Being. Each one shares powerful tools: herbalism and yoga, to help you better connect with your nervous system and support your mental health, or that of your clients if you are a teacher or therapist.

The workshops will have the following format:

  • Information on the condition and on a selection of key herbs to treat it.
  • Tasting of the herbs, in tea and tincture form.
  • Mixing your own medicinal herbal tea to take away.
  • Breathwork and awareness of bodily sensations.
  • Restorative yoga leaving you feeling deeply rested and regenerated for a fresh start.

Y&H for Burnout

Sunday 15th September 2024
2-5.30 pm

Sometimes stress takes its toll through busy lives whether from excessive work, helping others through caring roles or campaigning for a better world, and a fatigue that cannot be shaken away settles in.
If that sounds familiar to you come to this workshop!

We will be looking at herbal remedies to restore your energy levels and at breathwork to help easing the accumulated tension.

We will then conclude with a resorative class to allow yourself a moment of pure stillness and calm, and some inspiration for embedding breaks in your day.

Y&H for Insomnia

Sunday 17th November 2024
2-5.30 pm

Do you struggle with your sleep? Do you find it difficult to switch off at night or wake up in the middle of the night with circling thoughts? Do you have insomnia or do you feel that your nervous system is frazzled? Are you always on the go and feel tired and wired?
If so, this workshop is for you! Combining yoga and herbal medicine, this workshop gives you the tools to introduce into everyday life to help you feel calm, relaxed and ultimately helping your nervous system back to a place of balance.

Y&H for Depression

Sunday 12th January 2025
2-5.30 pm

Maybe you are feeling the blues in the middle of winter, or you have been struggling with depression for a while.

In this workshop we will look into herbs that can help lift your mood and restore the nervous system, together with yoga techniques and teachings that can be part of your support system.

Give a present to yourself and do the first step by coming to this workshop.

Y&H for Anxiety

Sunday 9th March 2025
2-5.30 pm

This workshop brings an afternoon filled with practices to manage and
reduce anxiety, and empower you in your daily life. You will learn and sample medicinal herbs which can bring about calm, nourish your nerves and stop circling thoughts.
Following this, we will explore breathing techniques and practise restorative yoga to calm the nervous system.

You will leave with the tools to manage anxiety and sustain a relaxed state.

Book now your Yoga & Herbs afternoon

Places are limited to 12 per workshop to allow a comfortable and intimate space.
Prices are on a sliding scale to allow accessibility to the workshop, please choose what is affordable for you.

For more info or for a block booking email:

Davide Penazzi

My yoga journey started in 2009, where I struggled sitting with legs straight, it has been a journey of reconnection with my own body and discovery.

I have a regular Ashtanga and pranayama practice and have completed a 2-year British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher training.

I further trained in Restorative Yoga, and found the techniques learned and the approach of working with the nervous system alongside the muscoskeletal, the key to support me with my insomnia and high stress levels. More rencently I trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and have been offering relaxing and remedial massages, including for neuropathic pain.

Madeline Taylor

I am passionate about natural health and well-being. I have experienced first-hand the power of herbal medicine on illness. This led me to my training in herbal medicine. I graduated with a first class honours degree in Clinical Herbalism following 3 years of study and completion of 500 hours at the complementary medicine clinic.

I hold a diploma in Clinical Nutrition and I believe that the food we eat is essential in creating optimum health. I am also a qualified yoga teacher, having practiced yoga for over 10 years. I have taught yoga for 4 years to a range of ages and abilities.

I would love to share my knowledge and help you and to give you the tools and techniques for you to sustain better health.